Our Mission

What makes us different


Vork is built for teams that want to get work done, as such, we break the mold by only adding features which enable productivity and remove functionality that decreases it.

In Practice: Vork is async first which means you don't get bombarded with notifications; you respond on your own time.


Vork enables productivity by being opinionated at it's core, which is a fancy way of saying we set a standard for how teams should communicate, and enforce all users to follow that standard.

In Practice: Users are required to start conversations as topics, keeping all conversations organized

Some of the features that make Vork great!

Meetings with Miro

Need to brainstorm an idea? Our meeting rooms have a Miro integration that allows all attendees to collaborate in real time.


All conversations start out as topics to ensure conversations stay on topic. Our topic list view also saves you time by allowing you to see all of your latest messages at a glance.

Passive Voice Chat

With our passive voice chat, you have the option to jump in and out of conversations as you please, just as you would if you were in the office!

Native Slack Integration

Our Slack app allows you to send messages to and from Slack for seamless conversations with just one simple slash command!

Advanced Messaging

Want to add an image? Enter a heading? Or maybe add a code block? You can do it all and more with slash commands and our full rich text support.

Dark Mode

Don't want to see the light? Switch to the dark side.
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