Our Mission

What makes us different


Vork is built for teams that want to get work done, as such, we break the mold by only adding features which enable productivity and remove functionality that decreases it.

In Practice: Vork is async first which means you don't get bombarded with notifications; you respond on your own time.


Vork enables productivity by being opinionated at it's core, which is a fancy way of saying we set a standard for how teams should communicate, and enforce all users to follow that standard.

In Practice: Users are required to start conversations as topics, keeping all conversations organized.
Productivity at its core

Each feature is finely selected through research to enable maximum productivity

No Distractions

No Notifications. Check messages on your own time.


Every conversation starts as a topic so conversations are always organized. Linked topics allow you to create new topics from existing messages to prevent topic drift.


Features such as our topic timeline and slash commands to name a few, allow you to get in and out of conversations quickly so you can get back to deep work.
Collaborative Meetings

Collaborate on ideas with our native Miro integration

Opinionated by Nature

We make the decisions so you don't have to

Perfectly Inflexible

Flexible communication styles often lead to confusion and ineffective communication. Vork enforces the same communication standard for across the board ensuring everyone us on the same page and communicating effectively.

Async First

Async Communication is the future of work and we implement (or remove) functionality so you can work distraction free.


A communication tool should be just that. We remove all the bells and whistles so you can get back to work.
Key Features

Some of the features that make Vork great!

Meetings with Miro

Need to brainstorm an idea? Our meeting rooms have a Miro integration that allows all attendees to collaborate in real time.

Topic Timeline

All conversations start out as topics to ensure conversations stay on topic. Our topic timeline also saves you time by allowing you to see and reply to all of your latest messages at a glance.

Broadcast (Passive Voice Chat)

With Broadcast, you have the option to jump in and out of conversations as you please, just as you would if you were in the office!

Native Slack Integration

Our Slack app allows you to send messages to and from Slack for seamless conversations with just one simple slash command!

Advanced Messaging

Want to add an image? Enter a heading? Or maybe add a code block? You can do it all and more with slash commands and our full rich text support.

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Conversations Basic
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Unlimited Message History

Broadcast (Up to 10 users)

Unlimited Topics

Topic Timeline

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Everything from Conversations Package

Broadcast (Up to 50 users)

Linked Topics

Slack Connect

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Meetings Basic
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Up to 10 participants

Miro Integration

Screen Sharing

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Everything from Meetings Package

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Meeting Recordings

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